Revealed: 5 Best Clothing Shopify
Website Templates

Your clothing website needs to be classy and eye-catching to attract millions of customers. The appearance of your site will convey a message about your products. Thus, you need to make it professional to send the right message. You may find it difficult to create one that is stunning by using less money. However, in this era, things are becoming easy because you will only use the internet to search for clothing website templates. They are millions of them, but not all will come with advanced features. Shopify is a great e-commerce platform all over the world that will allow you to perform the site creation quickly. But, how to sell clothes online with Shopify? You can start by having the perfect template for your online store. Fortunately Shopify has excellent responsive templates to make your site look much professional. Let’s view at some 5 best clothing Shopify website templates:



Modular is a leading template due to its advanced features. It comes with a responsive interface to allow you to create a website that supports various mobile devices. The Quick-Buy Button it contains will enable your customers to add clothes to their shopping cart without leaving their current page. The good thing with Modular is that it will allow you to present your products professionally. The product grid is stylish in a way that it will enable you to display your clothes in a clear layout and fit many different types of clothes. In case you encounter challenges when running your business, you can contact their customer support. It is always available and will provide you with positive feedback.

Flow Shopify clothing website template

Flow is a highly responsive theme that will allow you to sell different types of clothes. This Shopify template comes with a clean and modern design which can easily convert. Also, it has a beautiful homepage video which links to YouTube. With this, you will send a message to millions of customers. Flow stands out from other clothing website templates because of the promotional banner. It will allow you to provide discounts to your customers. If you want to take a look at this template, then click on https://shopify.com/sell/clothes

My shop

Website Templates

Do you want a clothing website template that will grab the customers’ attention? If yes, you need to give My Shop a priority. It has a clear design with over 12 premade layouts. This Shopify theme is highly customizable to allow you to take total control over your site. You can easily change the color, size, font, as well as add other elements such as images and videos of your products.

In current days, marketing your products in different places is a great way to win more customers. With My Shop as your template, you will be on a safe side. It comes with a social media icon to allow you to share ads on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, as well as Twitter.


Website Templates

In current days enhancing your customers’ experience can greatly increase your sales. Thus, you need to create a website that has features to cater to the customers’ needs. Masonry is excellent because of its security features. It comes with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and SSL (Secure Socket Layers) to assure customers of the secure check-out process. Also, it has the promotional banners to enable you to provide offers such as discounted products and free shipping.

This clothing website template will help you grow your sales. It comes with the SEO features to target millions of search engine users.


With Canopy, you will not get worriedabout the type of clothes to sell. It comes with a design that will allow you to sell all the children, ladies, and men clothes. If you have a large number of products, Canopy can work well for you. It will allow you to upload 20 images in a static homepage gallery. Also, it will enable you to tell your story by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video. Canopy clothing website template comes with a Quick-Buy Button. It will allow customers to purchase more easily because they will not have to leave their current page.