3 Ways to Give Hackers and Cybercriminals on Your Online Jewelry Store

Cybercriminals on Your Online Jewelry Store

Have you ever been a cybercrime victim? If not, you’re lucky. Never admire being one. Imagine finding a store selling jewelry online. You check their offers and decide this is the best deal. You proceed on to place your order. The process is simple and convenient. Even thestore allows you to use your card to process the payment. After some days, you receive your jewelry. Even some deliver on the same day without charging an extra shipping fee.

But after a day or two, things start going south. You’re on a shopping mission only to realize your card has zero dollars. With disappointment, you reach out to your bank. They send you a statement showing your card have been used to shop in stores in Australia yet you are in the US. How would that be? If you’re a serious webpreneur willing to have a long lifespan in the online business, here are some ways to keep cybercriminals and hackers away from your jewelry store:

Ensure your platform is PCI compliant

At a time, you might find an e-commerce platform with pocket-friendly offers. You decide to anchor your jewelry store on it. certainly, you cannot ignore an opportunity to save a coin. But before deciding to take the step, ensure it is PCI compliant. A platform compliant to this standard ensures your card processing is secure. The cybercriminals have no loophole of accessing confidential information from your customer’s card. Hence, you will eliminate card related hacking issues.

Go for platform offer SSL protocol

One of the fertile grounds for achieving the hacking goal is in data transfer. The hackers target a loophole in your transfer system and utilize it to achieve their goal. When selling jewelry online, ensure your anchoring platform has the SSL protocol. This security protocol ensures the encryption of your data transfers. So, no one has an opportunity to access your customer or business information without authorization.

Request your customers to use multiple security steps

Your customers have a role in enhancing their security. As a webpreneur in the jewelry niche, you need to inform your clients on how they can stay secure. For instance, you should offer them an opportunity to involve multiple security measures. Say,for example, requiring a texted code to authorize the transaction or the two-step authorization. This way, it will be a hard tackle for hackers to penetrate your security windows.