2 Top Ranking E-Commerce Platforms Suitable For Setting Up A Jewelry Store

Selling Jewelry Online

Searching a reliable e-commerce platform to anchor your jewelry store is the initial step to virtualization. It is similar to searching for space for an in-store. You must locate your business in area visible and accessible to a large audience. Otherwise, making a profit will remain a dream. In the virtual world, the same case applies. If you want to be competitive, you must house your jewelry store and a top-ranking e-commerce solution.

However, choosing the best platform is not an easy run. With the booming virtualization race, everyone is considering going online. Hence, developers are on the race to come up with solutions. They want a share of the e-commerce income. As an entrant, you may have a challenge determining the reliable option. This article is here to help you. Here are two top-ranking e-commerce platform you should consider:

Shopify – online store kingmaker

No negotiation. Shopify is the pacesetter in the e-commerce sector. It is a home of more than 400,000 online stores. The number is growing per dawn. With this fact, you can confirm that housing your jewelry store on it will be one step on your way to success. Shopify leads in providing innovative features. It has highly responsive themes and apps to enhance multiple interface sales. Also, it offers affordable plans. You can start with Shopify lite going for $9 per month. This plan allows you to build a fully-functional Facebook store. Hence, if you are thinking of selling jewelry online, Shopify needs to be your first option.

Magento – top-ranking open source platform

Probably, you’re a coding guru. You want to build your jewelry store from scratch. Also, uniqueness is your priority. With it, you believe your competitors will have a harsh ride when trying to beat you. If this describes your nature, Magento is a considerable option. This platform offers one on one access to the back-end codes. You can modify, tweak, or change them to build a website of your taste. Also, no limitation on the web templates. You decide the one amicable for your jewelry store and use it. However, you need to invest some time before kicking off your selling journey.


While selling jewelry online is a luxury and profitable opportunity, your e-commerce solution has a central role. If you like an option for launching your store immediately without coding, Shopify is a good idea. Alternatively, when uniqueness and coding are your passion, Magento would be the ultimate choice.